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Life is full of stories • Our story is about healing through compassion.


Teaching widows a skill for life Tailoring • Knitting


We want to build a small clinic to help Emergency First Aid • Supplement lack of government aid


Plans to build 4 classrooms in Eastern Uganda to help Orphans • Disabled • HIV victims


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Mission and Vision

Our Mission: We seek to help orphans and widows living in extreme poverty by showing compassion, both spiritually and physically as directed by the bible.

What have we accomplished?

Sponsoring children. Teaching Widows. Building relationships to create change and promote self-sustainable projects.

Our Latest Blog Post

We Work with Those with the Least

March 13, 2019 No Comments

First of my Firsts in life

What if you grew up your whole life without swinging on a swing? This was Billah’s first time on a swing set and visiting a zoo. She also saw a lake for the first time. Where she lives there are no swing sets and children’s idea of leisure is sweeping the compound. Billah’s situation provides […]

March 12, 2019 No Comments

February Update

February was a fruitful visit to Uganda. We held a tailoring graduation for seven of our ladies finishing two terms with us. Our first grade class was started in our 1 room classroom and we had one day where we held a sporting event for the 11 kids. Each child participated in long jump, 40 […]

March 6, 2019 No Comments

We are asking for her

Sometimes giving up is the right approach. Impossible…Improbable…Inconceivable. The 3 I’s of defeat. For the last few years Healing Eyes has overcome some huge obstacles and God has brought us through each time. He always comes in just in the knick of time. We needed land.. He provided. We need a car..He provided. We needed […]

I am convinced that this is a ministry like no other. The founder, Sarah, has some goals that can be measured by earthly standards (providing Bibles, educational books, and building a school), the main mission is centered on a Scriptural and personal one-on-one expression of love..(James 1:27). Her message to the widows and orphans in the village of Buweboya is one of friendship, compassion and love, but the greatest of these is love.

Dave N.

Healing Eyes is different than any of the ministries I've had experience with. Not only is there low overhead but also such a deep commitment to meeting the needs of those they reach out to. My wife and I are sponsoring a child that Healing Eyes is helping. I can't recommend enough that you might also partner with this wonderful organization and extend your reach into another country with confidence!

Chris M.



because you do care


because we all know pain


because you want to change the world